Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The front screen door...

Let's take a step back in time to a conversation between me and Rick...

R: we're losing energy through the front screen door. I think we need to replace it
Me: OK how much will that cost?
R: I don't know - like $200 bucks
Me: Ok, make it happen.

So Rick goes off to lowes and returns some time later with a receipt but no door.

R: apparently they don't make screen doors in our size anymore. I had to custom order it.
Me: sweet. how much did that cost us?
R: errrr around $400
Me: sweet

When the door arrives Rick's dad {who's a pretty handy man} comes down to install the new door. He then lets us know the door still didn't fit so he's going to have to do a couple more things to make it.

Short story long, this is what I came home to after a long day at work:

Sa-weet!! It was shocking, the say the least! I thought we were just putting on a new screen door. But I guess we had to take off all the siding in order to create a frame for the 'custom' door. I've got to admit, I liked the look of the old wood siding but I got vetoed.

Weeks go by and dad works on the door. Finally he finished it off with some brand new molding and siding. It's safe, secure and we've seen an improvement in our energy bill. After some hard work {and spending more that we anticipated!!} we have this lovely front entrance. Thanks Pops!

What we have here is a perfect example of a 'simple' home improvement project in a old house. Lovely.
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