Friday, January 14, 2011

It's 3:00 A.M...what are you doing?

What does one do when they can't sleep? Apparently re-designing a blog is a good option - I mean when else do you have multiple hours to yourself with nothing to do? Well, except think about how tired you'll be at work in the morning. But I digress....

So, as I watch the clock tick-tock away, I'm getting closer to being happier with this page set up. It was super pink and in your face and frankly, just too much! Then through a million clicks I stumped across Shabby Blogs and figured out how to use their template to change the background and header. It was the first time I used something like that and I must say, it was pretty easy. I like having the pic of my family up there..reminds me of how much I do in fact, love my life. Even though they drive me crazy....

In the past 3 hours I have learned how to use Shabby Blogs templates, edit pictures and headers in FotoFlexer {pretty sweet program} and create my signature with Signature Maker. Now if I could just figure out how to get the box off around it. *sigh*. Forget it, I'm going to bed.

BUT before I go I leave you with this classy shot of my niece. As my seister-in-law says "Pinky Up!" Yep, that's how we role :)

Goodnight world! Or would that be good morning???
                                                                         <------ see the stupid box around it? How annoying is that?!
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  1. You officially made my night complete.... thanks....

  2. Always KT - That's what I'm here for!


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