Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WIWW: Insanely Fabulous Buys!

Still haven't had time to catch up on here. I literally have 3 post that I've started and 'saved'...maybe I'll get around to finishing those up this week! For now, here's WIWW with Pleated Poppy!

I  can't remember what days were what so we'll have to skip over that piece of information! 


Shirt: Banana
Jeans: Gap
Jacket: Banana (you can see the print better in the bottom pic)
Belt: Gap - super old!
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft
Bracelet: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Target

So...If you didn't know, I confess that I deal with stress by shopping. I don't know why but it's one of the few things that helps me settle down and handle life. I've been under a lot of stress the past 3 weeks so I've been at the stores more than usual. Thankfully I'm a frugal shopper and I rarely {if ever} pay full price for something. Seriously, I don't know the last time I did pay full retail price - - - hmm...maybe one of my last bags?! Anyway, last week I stopped in my Gap Clearance Center {GCS} in Hebron, Kentucky and scored BIG TIME. Sometimes it's pretty picked over and I maybe find 4 items. But not this time baby - I walked out with all the items below for $75.00. I just LOVE a good deal!

Here's what I got:
  • 3 work-appropriate tanks
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 button up shirt
  • 1 long sleeve shirt
  • 1 cardigan (Super cute! Most expensive item at $12!)
  • 2 belts
  • 1 headband
  • 1 pair of jean capris
  • 1 necklace 
  • 1 pair of tights (not pictured)
I mean seriously, is that not insane?! And half of them still had tags attached! LOVE!

Here's the first outfit I put together. It was a real stretch for me to combine the print tank with the cardigan and jewel belt. It's definitely not something I would have normally put together but I've been inspired from seeing other WIWW posts. Turns out I really liked it!

Blouse: Gap {GCS}
Jeans: Gap {GCS}
Cardigan: Banana {GCS}
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: Banana {GCS}

Shirt: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Old Navy {GCS}
Boots: Old Navy

Shirt: Gap {from GCS}
Jeans: Loft {thrifted!}
Belt: Ann Taylor
Jacket: Macys {$7!! And I am loving it!!}
Boots: Madden
Necklace: Charming Charlie 

And here's my goofy shots for this WIWW. Can't take yourself too seriously when you're snapping a bajillion pictures of yourself. 

Talk soon! {hopefully.....}

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  1. Visiting via The Pleated Poppy.

    You are completely adorable!

    I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding Wear GIVEAWAY featuring reader bridal gowns, hats, veil and engagement rings. I'd love for you to link up.

    Past posts are ok.

  2. I hear ya on the shopping therapy! I'm totally guilty of that too! You look great!

  3. Adorable outfits! Gotta love stealing deals. You scored big. Can't wait to see the rest in outfits. Yep, I'm guilty now of pairing up items due to WIWW inspiration. But I LOVE it!


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