Friday, April 8, 2011

Living Room Remodel

Meet our living room before...

And After: {sorry about those spots on the lens!}

Basically there was this huge panty in the kitchen that jutted into the middle of the living was ridiculous and pointless. Not things I enjoy in a house! {see jut below. Oh and meet hubs! My other half and the main reason why I'm lovin' life}


Soooo we knocked it out...

and created a pass through between the living room and kitchen:

added a new paint color...

and some travertine tiles...

which made a new 'bar' that hubs eats most of his dinners at!

All in all I think it took about a month to do everything. As we've found many time since, being an old house the more we tore into the more we had to do. The electric wasn't wired correctly, the load baring wall was about to drop the load it was supposed to be baring {thus that box-like structure on the ceiling as seen above} and on and on. 

BUT it completely opened up the house and allowed us the room to finally get a new couch. {That you can typically find our niece and nephew curled up on!}

Since this picture we're added an ottoman in the center and added pops of orange for a little color. Sounds weird, I know, I'll post pics to show you that red, tan and orange can work in harmony!

Thanks to hubs and friends for working so hard!!
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