Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a Sunday Family Tradition! Who-Dey!

If your a regular reader then you've probably already gathered that my family has a lot of traditions. Most are once-a-year traditions but there is one tradition that we get to experience every week for 16 weeks.

Here's what our Sundays typically look like from September-December:
1. Wake up and put on sports center
2. Get dressed up in our Sunday best 
3. Fix some dips {typically spinach and skyline dip}
4. Welcome friends and family
5. Stare intently at the television, periodically yell at it and slap hands every so often
6. Say goodbye to friends and family
7. Nap

Oh, and by 'our Sunday best' I mean this:

Yes folks, I'm talkin' about football. More specifically, BENGALS SUNDAY!! 

Every Sunday between pre-season and the last game you will find my family in Bengals gear. 


{Newborn Nephew}

{honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta} 

 {random Sunday}

{nephew's 1st bday party}

 {The Nephew's 1st Birthday}
{random Sunday}

{random Sunday breakfast}

{random Sunday}

{newborn Niece}

{random Sunday}

{Bestie's Baby Shower}

 {Nephew's 3rd bday}

{Seister's 30th bday. nice look niece. hahaha}

 {random Sunday}

 {touchdown!! We all slap hands :)}

{Hub's bday}

 {Pumpkin patch/apple farm}

 {Hub's bday}

{random Sunday - tree decorating}

 {random Sunday}

 {@ the game}

 {game day!}


{seister's 20something bday}

 {Vaca in Jamaica}

 {nephew's 4th bday}

 {random Sunday. Meet bestie's son J. Isn't he adorbs?!}

 {Hub's 30th bday}
 {Hub's 30th bday}

So...wether we're hanging out at home, hosting a party, picking apples or celebrating a holiday 

Sunday = Bengals Day

Except today isn't a Sunday and we're rockin' orange and's January. 
You know what that means....


and if you're a bengals fan {or just follow football at all} you'll know that this is a big deal. Like finding a leather coach bag for $200.00 big deal. 

So..the are cupcakes made, the dips are ready to go {spinach, skyline and cookie dough}, the ham and cheese sliders are waiting to be made, the lucky gear is washed and ready and the friends will be arriving here in a couple hours.

Now I just need to get through a couple hours at work and then it's go time. 


{sorry, it's tradition to say that. Just ask seister}

Won't you come on in and join the celebration??
hahahahahaha. Oh that niece...

Dearest Bengals players,

Please hold onto the ball, capitalize on turnovers, run the ball effectively, be productive in the red zone, make key tackles, protect Dalton, don't give up a short field, avoid stupid penalties and most importantly, TURN FIELD GOALS INTO TD'S!!!!!!! Let's shut all the naysayers up and keep those fair-weathered fans on the bandwagon. 

Please and thank you,
One of your biggest fans. 
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