Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Christmas Day

I'm very lucky that I have been blessed with a phenomenal family-in-law. It helps that I've known them since childhood and that they're all amazing people. I know I focus a lot on my family on this blog {ok so mainly on the niece and nephew} but I loooove my hubs' side and wanted to share our Christmas with you!

Hubs and I lucked out in the fact that my family always has a big celebration Christmas Eve while his family has always done Christmas Day. It keeps us from having to drive all around in one night and allows us to really relax and focus on what Christmas is really about. 

{Hubs and Cully McWho-Dey on the way to mom's}

Meet my little seister and her new hubs. We call them J&J.
{oh and Izzie. That's mom's other grandpuppy}

I've known that girl since she was 10 years old and we've been great friends since. During the time that hubs and I weren't on the best of terms {when we were 14, don't worry}, I stayed friends with his sister and still hung out with her at their house {awkward!}. I've always thought of her as my little sis and legally becoming sisters is a crazy bonus of putting up with hubs ;)

J&J always do something funny for stocking stuffers and this year was no different. They stuffed Hubs' stocking with toilet paper and toiletries from their honeymoon. Hil-ar-ious.

J got a gift certificate to mom's nail salon for a manicure. Not as a joke. He loves them. I totally just outed him on my blog. Don't worry, hubs enjoys them, too. 

Meet pops, he loves to cook. This year he attempted beef wellington for dinner. It was ah-maz-ing. We may have eaten dinner waaaaay late but it was worth it. For realz. 

{Hubs was so excited over this meat he had to smell it. He's an oddball}

{actually so is the bro-in-law, so it works}

So since J&J always do goofy stockings Hubs and I thought we'd get them good this year. This ended up being my 2nd favorite gift we have this year. While in Punta Cana we received t-shirts with our picture on them and my immediate thought was,

Perfect Christmas gift for J&J. 
and they were.

We didn't think they would actually wear them but they did. Bonus. 


I think this is the best picture of the day. Taken while I was testing the camera and everyone else was waiting to take the darn picture. I think it should be a christmas card.

Merry Freakin' Christmas. 


Love you guys!
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