Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Kissmas Eve

{yes I know Christmas was a week ago but I'm a busy girl! Whatcha want from me?!}
Our Christmas started a day early this year on Christmas Eve, Eve - I started {what I hope will be} a new tradition on having the kiddies stay the night with us watching Christmas movies and eating junk food {sorry, seister!}. Even though the niece was sick she took a nap and powered through the night. We started with Christmas Vacation and I about choked on my popcorn when the nephew repeated "Merry Kiss-My-Ass". Good aunting {like parenting, get it?}, Kristen. Oops. 
So technically our Christmas Eve morning looked like this:
{and really, could it look better?! no, no it couldn't. Well maybe if they were laying in a new Lexus. BTW what's with those
commercials? Who gets a new Lexus for Christmas??? And how do I make that happen? But I digress...}

and then we got a visit from a super hero:

and the nephew busted out his oooold blocks and built a castle:
{why'd we even buy him new toys for the past 4 years?!}
and then we officially started the celebration :)

Who's hungry? 

Have I ever mentioned that these kids only eat certain foods?
 So we attempted to avoid meltdowns with gingerbread pb&j's. Kinda worked.

Confession: my tree has been naked up top since it went up. I've put the star/angel up top since I was a kid but Trey asked if he could put it up this year and it took me a while to decide if I would allow someone else to take over my glory. The kid won. Damn.
{at least I got a little enjoyment out of his struggle ;)}
Look! We did it! That wasn't so painful. But we'll see who wins next year.

My favorite ornament...

She commands all the attention...Guuuyyyzzz it's present timeeeee. Actually it was more like "um guys, it's present time, OK?" And that 'ok' is super feisty. Lots of sass in this 4 year old.

{and then she busts out that sweet face. That girl is Trouble. And my nephew is so damn cute}

{I think the niece wanted to keep this for herself! Notice her bow is in the middle of her chest. Good job, Uncle Ricky}

Ninjago!!! I'm the best aunt ev-a. Seriously, he told me so. 

and now for the BEST reaction of the night....

Grandma got both kids huge bags of clothes, here's what the nephew did when he got to the bottom of the bag:

{really, Grandma?!}

Love it. And I'd LOVE a huge bag of clothes!! Who's with me?! 

One of my most favorite gifts we gave this year:
Wooden spoons! There's more to it than that but that's for another post :)

We made sure to take a lot of pictures this year...

like a.lot. a.lot...

This might be my favorite:

or this one. Do you see my little man's eyes. All natural, no photoshopping. Insane.

This one makes me laugh. Geeeeeeet Grandma! 
{Can you hear me saying that? Cause I did}

My seister looking like a beautiful (tatted-up) snow white. 

Snow white dubbed me Malibu Barbie. What up?
{I actually toned my tan down cause it was rough looking next to snow white. love winter vaca}

heeeeeey hot mama! I come from great genes. Seriously, did you see my G in the ornament picture above? Go ahead and check it again. See, good genes ;)

Hope you had a very merry kiss-mas!
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  1. I adore that u do this!!!!!!! I look fwd to every post!! Best seister and aunt Ev-a!!!!!


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