Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 months later...

and I'm finally doing another post! I just wanted to build up the anticipation. Riiiiiight....so my goal for the New Year (not a resolution, don't get it twisted) is to write more, and in this day and age writing means blogging.

I've always kept a diary - getting those thoughts out has always helped me deal with life. I actually still have my diary from 6th grade - yep, the one that talks about Rick and our 'relationship'. It's pretty funny to go back and read. I kept a journal until my junior year in college. I never really paid attention to why I stopped writing and looking back I realized I stopped when Rick and I got back together. And it was literally a hard stop - one day I just stopped writing. I guess I finally felt complete and was able to stop searching for the answers to everything. Or I just didn't have anything to b*tch about!

And not that I do now, but I'm excited to share what's happening here in our little corner of the world and am going to try my best to write in my 'diary' as often as I can. If you still keep a hard copy (really- what, am I in the office?!) check out the monogrammed one from Traylor Papers below. You know I'm a sucker for a monogram!


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