Friday, June 10, 2011

Ri's Fairy Birthday Party

The Niece, Little Miss Ri's Fairy 4th Birthday Party was last weekend and I'm just getting around to posting pictures from the day. We were blessed with good {although hot!} weather and many good friends. Ri was over-the-moon excited and so sweet. While it took a lot of time {mostly because I waited until the last minute!} it's totally worth every second to see how happy the kids were. On to the details! 

Entrance Decor:

The drapes are from our living room and hung on existing hooks, the lantern is from Ikea and I threw a ton of butterfly cut outs on in a random order. I seriously did this in 2 minutes. The more scattered the better!

Interior Decor:

We're big believers in sweets but we kept it simple this year. My favorite cakery, Dessertworks, created the adorable fairy cake and I made cupcakes and chocolate-covered oreos with chocolate butterflies.

For their favors I put little baggies together with stickers, temporary tattoos, assorted candy and suckers. The older kids also received jars of pixie dust. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the food and such but I just ran out of time. We had these 'fairy fruit wands' and they were a huge hit. The kids were eating them up! Now I know if I want them to eat fruit all I have to do is put it on skewers! We also served Fairy Sandwiches {from the local grocery}, veggie pizza, spinach dig and lots of chips and dip. The kids were happy with the fruit, cake, cupcakes and oreos. And by kids I mean me...

Backyard Decor
I wanted the outside to be kindof dreamy and fairy-ish so I took the arch that was at my sister's and my wedding and draped it with some ikea fabric I had laying around. It's literally knotted on the arch and the flowers are tied on with a ribbon that I tucked into the fabric so you couldn't see it. Point being, this is not difficult to do! I grabbed some other fabric I had on hand and covered their elmo table and chairs. Elmo didn't fit the theme this year, solution: drape and tie the chairs with ribbon. Done and done.

It was super hot so I wanted to make sure there was something to cool everyone off. I just placed spray bottles with water so the kids could mist themselves if needed. I also had carafes with water on the table. Mosquitos are awful in my backyard so Off is always a must.

The main activity for the kids was the face painting table. I'm fortunate enough to have a former student studying at one of the top schools in the country for wigs and makeup so we were pretty lucky to have her. The kids loved it. Highly recommended!

Several years ago we purchased this 'jumpy house' for my nephew's birthday. Hands down, this was the best purchase we've ever made. Do yourself a favor and get one. It goes up at every party and keeps the kids occupied and safe. Seriously, best investment ever. 

Of course you should always have coloring books on hand for when they need a break....

and bubbles...

and plenty of space to let them just run around!

Overall it was a great party and I think everyone had fun. It's crazy to see how much they've grown up and just how quickly it's gone. I imagine this might be one of the last parties we'll have that I'll have some say in the theme. Who knows, maybe next year will be bees or something. The nephew has requested a Lego party for his 6th Birthday in September. Guess I should probably get started on that one. I know way less about legos than fairies. Good thing the nephew is an expert on that subject!!!

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