Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trey's Spooky Lego Party

I'm baaaaaack and with a new passion for blogging! I'm going to work hard to stay on top of things this time. And since our wedding season is over (!) I'll actually have 5 spare minutes ;)

Since I posted Ri's party below I figured I'd kick the blogging off with Trey's lego party. His party was 2 days after my sister-in-law's wedding so I didn't have as much time (or energy!) to invest but I think it still turned out great. And the birthday boy was happy and in the end, that's what matters!

Trey wanted a 'spooky' lego party...ummmm huh? To avoid looking like halloween or bengals decor I just used the images of the spooky legos; skeletons, witches, vampires, etc.

He wanted 'vanilla with vanilla' cupcakes - for real? I prefer to have a little more fun with baking so I dropped an oreo at the bottom of each cupcake and frosted with an oreo icing. They're SO good - I'll post the recipe soon. Anyway, basic cupcakes with spooky legomen. Done and done.

There were 2 things that I actually put (a little) time into. 

1. Chocolate legomen

All I did was use a minifigure ice cube tray! Just fill it up with chocolate, pop 'em in the freezer for 15 mins and pop 'em out. SO easy!

I used them as cupcake toppers as well as chocolate covered oreo toppers. Orrrr just let the kiddies eat them plain. Trey enjoyed biting their heads off. Do you think that's a sign of something bad?? ;)

Yes, he felt it necessary to wear his halloween costume to his birthday party...

2. A home-made lego pinata

Hubs thought I was cray-cray when I told him my plan - I would think that he'd have more faith in me by now! All you need is a box (I used a regular shirt box), wrapping paper, ribbon and tape! I didn't take images of each step (it was like 3am...) but here's the jist:
- fill the box up with candy
- close the box and duck tape around the edges to help keep it closed. I loaded it with candy so it needed some reinforcement so it didn't bust open on its own
- wrap the box with wrapping paper
- fashion a handle with ribbon and duck tape the heck out of it!

The 'lego' is just a piece of red construction paper and circles that I cut with on of my circle punches. Ridiculously easy!

The kids LOVED the pinata!

yep that's Ri, she had to wear her halloween costume, too

Falling Candy!!

The pinata held up really well! Each kid had at least one chance to hit it before it broke and mass chaos ensued...

A couple other details:

1. Lego straws - print, cut and tape!

2. Legomen - this was actually a game but the kids all played in the jumpy house all day so we didn't get around to it. Here's how to create the little guys. The game would have been 'where's the lego' - I hid them around the house and the kids were going to go on a legoman hunt. Darn that jumpy house....

3. Lego building game - each kid got one bag of legos (each one was different, I just took handfuls and put them in bags) and the first guest starts building with the legos in their bag and then passes their creation to the next guest who then builds on with his bag of legos. It was a lot of fun!

We kept this party super-simple and small but everyone had a great time! Here's a few more images from the day:

yes, almost every one of those bags had some form of legos inside. 
the 'adults' watching the pinata crushing

Now onto thinking about next years' parties!
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