Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beauty Product Rave: ELF Mist and Set

Everytime I see a makeup artist spray a finishing mist I think to myself "I really need to get some of the stuff". Too bad it's so expensive, I just can't justify spending that much on a spray (even though I know it's worth it....)

So when I was perusing Target's makeup aisle (again....) and I saw ELF's Mist and Set for $3.00 I wondered if it would be any good. I mean, something that inexpensive must have bad reviews, right? So what's a girl to do? I jumped on my blackberry and googled it, and to my surprise the reviews were actually pretty fantastic! OK, going home with me...

I tested it the next day and thought it worked well, but I recently started doing a different makeup routine so I thought that might have skewed my results. The next day I did the some makeup and no  mist. And

oh.my.goodness. ----it came right off! At the end of the day you could barely tell I had anything on. I swear, I did the same exact thing as the day before, just minus the mist. 

Try #3, again with the same makeup plus the mist: Makeup stayed put. 

I'm a believer. The low price does not mean a low performing product. Best $3.00 I've spent in a while. C'mon and jump on the bandwagon. You know you want to ;)
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