Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To: No-heat Vintage Curls!

Soooo some folks asked me how I got these curls without a curling iron or any other heated tools:

For real, it could not be ANY easier. All you need is one of these:

and these:

All you do is dampen your hair in the evening. Dampen. not soak! You want it to be able to dry over night. Damped your hair and run some smoothing serum (for frizz control) and then place the stretch headband over your head like so:

{these curls are from the night before. I dampened my hair to re-set to curl over night}

OK Here we go!

1. Separate the first section of hair
2. Loop the section over the headband
3. Pull through so you have a nice curl over the headband

4. Repeat looping and pulling through until you have the front half of you head done
*each time you pull a section to loop you add the loose part of the piece you just pulled through so your gathering all the hair when looping. Kindof like when you add the sections in a french braid*

5. Repeat on the front section of the other side of your head paying close attention to the first section you looped. This will be the piece that frames your face. 

6. Repeat around the back of your head, picking up the long sections as you go. 
7. Once you have all the hair looped around the headband, keep looping the last section until it is all tucked up. 

Here's the 'finished' product:

In the morning just pull the headband down and carefully untwist your curls. Here's what they looked like in the morning!

A couple things:
1. The smaller you make the sections, the tighter the curl will be
2. Keep things neat - smooth your hair down as you pull it through
3. Be careful when you take it out, if you pull too hard you will get frizz
4. For a softer, more wavey look do large sections and brush it out in the morning. Make sure you use hairspray to keep it smooth. 

I did this vintage-y version for my 1940's inspired halloween "costume"

Now that you are probably confused I'm going to embed the youtube video that taught me how to do this. Thank you, Pinterest :) 

and as always, never take yourself too seriously when your taking/posting a ton of pictures of yourself...

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