Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

I'm really big on traditions. Like, reaaaally big. Like break my tradition and I break your leg. Ok maybe that's a little extreme. Maybe. 

One of our traditions is to go to Shaw Farm and pick out our pumpkins and then head to Rousters Apple House to get our cider! We've done this since I was little - Rick and I even went when it was just us. Since the niece and nephew blessed our lives this tradition has come to mean even more. So even though we're all ridiculously busy and seister is working nights we made a point to keep the tradition alive this year. 

Small problem - apparently Rousters closed this year. MAJOR bummer. We've taken our picture in front of their sign for years, it's a tradition of it's own! 

 Soooo no more apple sign pictures :(

But it's amazing to see just how much the kids have grown over the years and I LOVE that Shaw farms stays the same so you can really see their growth:


And at the end of the day it's moments like these that make everything worth it. 

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