Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Sew DIY Pillow

That kinda rhymes, huh?

No Sew,
DIY Pillow.

::i kill myself::

anywho, remember my new fabulous pillows? 

I thought I'd share how they came about. Cause this is what I do on Sunday afternoons after hubs works for almost 2 days straight....

  • old pillow or pillow form
  • fabric 
  • iron-on adhesive 
  • pins
  • scissors 
  • iron(s) * keep reading it will make sense...
So before I started this I had no clue how I was going to put them together. My mom kept asking me if I was for real going to make my own covers like, for real. And I said 'yup, sure am. Don't know how but I will!' Mom's an interior designer and has her workroom to deal with such silly things. She kept telling me to use her people but what can I say? I love a challenge. And proving her wrong. hehe. 

OK let's do this!

1. Get a glass of wine 

1. Lay out the fabric and stare at it confidently. 

2. Continue to stare until you get an idea on how to move forward...

3. Keep staring...

4. Cut the fabric so it can be folded over your pillow

5. Resume staring...

6. Finally realize you'll need to at least hem the unfinished sides before you really get started. Damn. 

7. Fold over raw edges and pin them down {this was a pain in the ass}

8. Fold over the edges and iron on the adhesive to close the edges

9. Remove the back of the adhesive to expose the sticky side

10. Realize if you fold the sides in you can make a pocket! YES! So fold both sides in and iron over the adhesive strips to make it stick.

11. Fold the bottom half of the fabric up to form the pocket that you can slide the pillow in! Yessssss!

12. Fold the top over and tuck it into your pocket

14.  Add adhesive strips where the side seams meet and use the iron to close them up!

What? The iron won't let you get that close? Yes, I had that problem as well. 

But I'm a genius and figured out that my flat iron would be perfect for this part. 

and it was:

Booya. You've got a covered pillow. 

15. Smile smug-ly at your mama. That's right, I figured it out 

16. Hang your head in shame when you realize you made a mess out of your kitchen. :::sigh::::

It's totally safe, mom. What are you talking about???

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  1. Baahahahaha... Love the kitchen pic!! Nice job crafty seister! Very cute!! Now I will do a project and u can start ur sleeve!!!!! Haha loves u!


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