Saturday, December 17, 2011

Build me a gingerbread house!

Before we dipped out of town the country we spent the Sunday doing what we love to do. You know, watching the Bengals {damn you steelers}, baking with the fam and putting our Christmas tree up.

Here's our first 'baking' project of the holidays, our attempt at a gingerbread house. Goodgod it was hard work. For the record, a love {and talent! damnit!} for baking does not necessarily translate into a love {or talent!} for gingerbread house-making. Ey yiy yiy...

Mama got me a kit for my bday so that's where we started. I'm not convinced a kit makes it any easier.

First you...???

And then you...???

Hubs tried his best to give me instructions...

But I never did do well with being told what to do.

So we just winged it!

and naturally sesiter wanted to do her own thing...

which the nephew did not approve of...

and Ri decided to break the ice and get herself a little treat. I may or may not have encouraged this.

Ok so I did. Hey, Aunts are allowed to do this!

Besides, you either join her or get hurt trying to stop her!

It may not be show-worthy but it's sure got a lot of love :)

OH! And we had birthday cake! Ignore those numbers - it was a cruel joke that hubs played on me. Maybe. 

and I sooooo love Kroger cake. I *may* have had some last night. Yes, almost a week and a half later. That's a sign of a really good cake. With no preservatives. HA!

With just a week to go before Christmas I'm going to *try* and get all my holiday posts up! Cause really, who wants to see your holiday posts after the holiday? Keepin it real. :) 

Happy Saturday!
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