Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIWW: Punta Cana Edition

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Technically I should have posted these last Wednesday but I was jet-lagged and well, exhausted from doing nothing for a week :)

The weather in Punta Cana was ah-maz-ing. 80's and sunny during the day and 60/70's with a cool breeze at night. On our past vacations to Mexico and Jamaica it would be HOT during the day and HOT at night with no breeze until the temperature dropped late in the evening. I'd be sweatin' like a damn fool at dinner and then have to go back to get a wrap later to cover my shoulders! SO knowing that, I made sure to bring plenty of wrap options this year. 

And I didn't use one once. Sweet, wasted room in the suitcase. 

Here's what I wore in the perfect weather in the Dominican Republic last week on vaca. Oh how I wish I was back there now....

Oh - please excuse the awful coloring in these. The walls were yellow so it threw a funny cast. It was also really dark so the pictures are a little grainy. Actually...why am I sharing these bad pictures?? hmmm....

First night's dinner:

Turquoise Dress: INC {Macy's}
Red Belt: Target

Oooooh and I only packed 1 pair of 'nice' sandals and a pair of cute black flats. The flats gave me blisters on the way down so I was stuck wearing silver sandals every.night. while all the other ladies were prancin' around in the cute heels. Double damn. 

Birthday Dinner!

Black Dress: INC {Macy's}
Belt: TJ's
Silver Sandals: Target
Coral Earings: Banana 

Another Dinner: 

Dress: Kohls
Silver Sandals...again..
{the first one shows the dress colors better. It's a fun little dress} 

And Another Dinner 

Long black dress: Nordstroms 
Belt: TJ Maxx

Dinner {last night}

Dress: Kenzie {Macy's}
Belt: Banana
*forgot to take a picture before going out*

Travel Outfit
Tank: Gap
Belt: Banana
Jeans: Gap 
{I was so relieved they still buttoned after a week of eating and drinking so much!}

ok, clearly we only got dressed up for dinner. The rest of the time we were in our bathing suits - here's one of the tops. I'll spare you the rest ;)

And here's a recent purchase and one of the many scarves I took with me on the trip to keep me warm at night. Ha. At least I wore this one on the flight home to keep me warm on the plane.

Happy Christmas Week!! I'll be back soon with some holiday related posts!
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  1. I super love your scarf from the dollar store! Which dollar store did you get it at?

  2. love all the belted dresses! and seriously a great find in the scarf the dollar store that's great. I'd love you to add this to my What We Wore and Made Party over at


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