Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Junction 2011

I feel like I should be titling these past few posts "Holiday Family Traditions 1-1,000", there are so many! I guess that's one of the reasons why the holidays are so important to me, through hell and back, we do these things no matter what!

My seister brought the kiddies down to Museum Center earlier this week to partake in one of their favorite traditions, Holiday Junction {HJ}. HJ is a big holiday train display that the kids have been coming to since the nephew was born. He was a HUGE train nut so he went crazy for it. They are starting to grow out of it now but it's still tradition. We actually spent more time in the Museum of Natural History and Science than HJ this year which was OK by me, as long as they are learning ;)

Here's some shots from when the kids were younger:

And here's a few from this year. I didn't get as many because the nephew wasn't feeling well but we managed a couple! I also have a brand new lens on my camera which I used for the first time today. I think I need a little more practice... ;)

{how stinkin' adorable is the niece? good outfit pick, Grandma!}

We've still got our cookie night coming up and {what will hopefully be a new tradition}, the kids staying with me and Hubs the night before Christmas Eve so I'm super excited about the rest of the week.

I LOVE the holidays!!!

Cheers for now! 
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  1. I love reading these!!!! <3 loves u seister!!

  2. Ohhh Kristen what a sweet post. Can I just say how adorable your niece and nephew are. Riley is a "Nay" baby for sure!!! I can see all three of you ladies in her!!! I just love her little outfit and of course the bow! Love this blog too. I've been debating on starting one. I read so many, I'm getting the itch. Looking forward to seeing you!! :)


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