Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I made it back! And I'm actually going to post a few of our Christmas decorations from around the house! Wahoo! And yes, I realize I should probably say 'holiday' decorations but you know what? We celebrate Christmas in this house so that's what I'm sayin'. SO There! ;)

I had the intention of shooting great pics of the decor and then just gave up and figured something would be better than nothing. Beggars and all that, ya know?

So here's our back door adorned with a big 'ole bow.


The tree with a few gifts underneath:

The niece helped with the tree this year. I'm normally the only one that puts it up so it was a lot of fun having her with me!

Ornaments on fishing wire in the windows:
{and mom lounging while we decorated the tree. Hi mama!}

This is what Hubs and the nephew were doing. No surprises here... 

I made the strings of ornaments 3 years ago and they go to a new spot every year. I think my favorite was last year when they were in the big window by the tree:

The Kitchen:

 Pinspired from this:

and this:

I couldn't find actual small wreathes, so these are garland that I got at the dollar store rolled into a circle. Score!

 I *love* sparkly ornaments! 


kitchen window:


Last year's Christmas picture is hanging on the wall:

Anyone else's space look like this while your decorating? What a mess!

And that's how it will look again here in about a week. I tell ya, I love decorating but hate putting it all away. Booooo
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