Thursday, December 15, 2011

So long Punta Cana...

We're baaaaacccckkkkk {damn}. 

Hubs and I try to take a vacation every year during the first/second week of December. We've been very fortunate to travel 4 of the 5 years that we've been married (we missed one year due to our kitchen remodel). We've been to Mexico twice (Puerto Vallarta and Maya Rivera) and Jamaica once - the Jamaica trip was AH-MAZING! When we were in Mexico all we could talk about was how Jamaica was so much better. The plan was to go back to Jamaica this year but we thought we'd try somewhere new and decided on Punta Cana.

They say PC is a lot like Jamaica and I would agree, we freakin' loved it! After a ton of research we decided to stay at the Grand Bahia Principe in the Esmeralda section. It's the newest section of the resort and it was just beautiful. The grounds were just stunning, the food was scrumptious and the desserts were phenomenal. For reals, phe-nom-enal. Oh how I miss it...

Anyway, here are a few shots from our week away!

{the lobby}

{This is where we spent most of our time. Hubs at the swim up bar and me in the lounger reading. I read 5 books. Five. Holy goodgod.}

Hubs' normal position by the afternoon...

I love the randomness of the girl to Hubs' side...

{my birthday}

Our room:

Our view. No ocean view but nice enough!

{told you this was a re-occuring position for hubs...}

{The ocean! This was by far the nicest beach we've been to. Points for PC!}

{isn't Hubs handsome? Yes, yes he is}

The PC airport is the craziest thing I've seen! This is what it looked like when we landed:

and you walk outside from the plane into the terminal, which looks like this:

Yep, all open air! When we left we literally walked by 6 planes until we got to ours where we climbed the stairs into the plane. I felt like a famous person!

It's amazing to get to spend an entire week away with Hubs. I seriously missed him today while we were at work. I got used to seeing him all day! I'm a firm believer in vacationing as much as you can, it does wonders for your relationship and your soul!

We had such an amazing time but we're happy to be home. I missed my family so much. Now onto preparing for Christmas!!
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