Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living Room {DIY} Makeover!

Confession: I cannot stand my living room. Like it bothers me on a day-to-day basis and I'm not really sure why. It felt cold and just, unfriendly.

Sure it has come a faaaar way from when we first moved in...
{You can read more about that remodel here

 and here's where we've been for about 2 years now

but with these pillows and black storage ottoman. 

{sorry, best pic I had!}

and I've haaaated it pretty much since we remodeled it. I desperately wanted to paint the walls and get a new rug. Hubs refused to paint {he's completely in love with the color. It's tropical nut. He still remembers the name. Nevermind that he can't remember anything I say...}

BUT I did win the rug debate so mom and I went off to find a new rug and we ended up redecorating the whole room. Mom's a former interior designer so that helps.

and here we are:

I love it. 

and the best part? The whole redo cost me around $150 which includes the $70 rug. Gotta love that!

You see those pillows? Aren't they uber fab? Yeah, I made those! The black/white pattern and the solid gold covers are made from curtains and the smaller blue ones are valances. 

BTW, I cannot sew. Not will not but can not. Me + needles does not equal anything good. So I covered these by using the adhesive strips that you iron on. Easy peasy. and they're exactly what I wanted. Plus I get to say 'oh yeah, I made those'. Sa-weet!

Here's some other shots from around the room.
{the large picture is of and signed by, Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. It's very cool}

{this is just scrap booking paper. score!}

{pic of me and hubs at our senior prom, pic of me and seister when were little}
That lamp is a $3 find from the thrift store. I didn't think it would work but mom instisted. 

So glad she did...

Since we did this last Friday I've re-painted all of the kitchen trim and did a little accent wall with a chevron pattern. I've been a busy bee over here!

I finally don't hate my living room. 

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