Monday, May 14, 2012

Amaris' Rainbow Birthday Party

It's hard to believe but little Amaris just turned ONE! On one hand it seems like she was born forever ago but on another it seems like just yesterday! The curse of being way to busy for your own good, I guess :)

I know I've said it before but I'm always honored when friends allow me to work on their parties. I figure they get mad props for knowing who I am and how I operate and they still want my help. Rumor is I'm kind of bossy {nooooo} :)

Jenny picked a rainbow theme for the party and I think it was a great choice for her daughter's first birthday. Original but classic at the same time - and perfect for a family that isn't all into the frilly girly stuff. I recently posted about it on my business blog {The Tres Chic Bride} but I wanted to post some of the deets here.

Enough chat - let's have some eye candy!

I love a fun entrance! 

Learn how to make these zig zag streamers here

We used the 'one' letters above to do a quick photo shoot for the decor. Gotta love how easy digital cameras/printers make things!

I love sweets! 

{all sweets except for the cake were made by moi. I love to bake!}

This theme was so easy to execute because all you have to do is get your supplies in all different colors! Easy peasy!

We did a "photobooth" for fun, but more importantly, for the memories. We just popped my camera up on a tripod, set the self timer to 8 seconds and let everyone push the shutter when they were ready. Worked like a charm!

Here's what the backdrop looked like - just some balloons arranged on the wall. Super easy!

This jumpy house was seriously THE best investment 3 years ago. It's paid for itself in entertainment 12 times over! Highly recommend!

Every 1st bday party needs a good smash cake! 

She wasn't all that into it - she decided it would be more fun to feed dad!

and get it on Mommy :)

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of her party! Mwah!

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