Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ri's LaLaLoopsey Birthday Party!

Wait...I'm posting on the same day as a party!! Whoa....

The niece turns 5 on Wednesday so we celebrated today with a birthday party with her friends. She picked LaLaLoopsey as her theme which was super cute. However, since it's a newer doll there wasn't a lot of pre-made LLL stuff sooooo Aunt Kristen had to get creative!

Let's dive right into the pictures! 

Mmmmmm desserts...

Since I love to bake and I always make a ton of desserts for parties I thought I would turn our living room into "Riley's Sweet Shop". I told hubs that I needed him to make me an awning and I must admit - he did a pretty darn good job! {even though he was grumbling the whole time!} Once it was up I did a little happy dance. I love it!

Our Life-Sized Jewels Sparkles

 White chocolate spoons or as Ri says "a spoon full of sugar" 

Button Oatmeal Cream Pies {SO GOOD!}

Button Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Sugar Cookie Buttons 

Sugar Cookie Lollipops 

Hazelnut cupcakes and Rice Krispie Treats 

Since we had several kids I thought it would be best to keep those 5 year olds occupied. We had a DIY hair barrette station and a 'create your own cupcake' table. I'll share more about these in another post. But here's the cupcake setup!

I'll post more very soon! Until then I'll leave you with these gems...

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